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Fun to work with

On this site you can find the N-Pro Karate Tournament Software. It has been programmed to make it easy to organise and manage karate tournaments.

The software has been tested on the latest tournaments. It is very simple to use and no knowledge about databases or other complicated systems is aquired. Just install and start. 

We at N-Pro believe that it will be a benefit for most clubs to use this software.

Version 1.7.0 is available with the new WKF 2023 kumite rules. 
N-Pro is not going to implement the new Kata rules in the software.
Licence holders can use it for free with there old registration code.

N-Pro Tournament 1.7.2

N-Pro Tournament 1.7.2 has been released

Hidden Numbers

With the WKF 2023 rules scoreboards.
With AKA/AO shobu scoreboards
Option to hide the contender numbers on the external boards

You must have a license to use this version of the software. It wil not work without a license.
Existing license holders can use this version with there old registration code.

N-Pro Tournament 1.7.2

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N-Pro Tournament 1.7.0

N-Pro Tournament 1.7.0 Has been released.

It contains the latest Kumite scoreboards with the 2023 rules and is now available in our download section
You must buy a license for using this software.
Please contact us  to obtain a license. We will then contact you how to proceed.

N-Pro Tournament 1.7.0

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