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On this site you can find the N-Pro Karate Tournament Software. It has been programmed to make it easy to organise and manage karate tournaments.

The software has been tested on the latest tournaments. It is very simple to use and no knowledge about databases or other complicated systems is aquired. Just install and start. 

N-Pro Tournament Karate for tournament managament can be bought for only € 60,00 and has a lot of features you must have to run your tournaments.

We at N-Pro believe that it will be a benefit for most clubs to use this software.

N-Pro Tournament
N-Pro Tournament

N-Pro Tournament version  fixes some small translation bugs.

It is also possible to enable/disable the automatic field synchronisation in the setup screen of the software.
Synchronising can make the system slower when the network surroundings are not optimal.

The text Tamami on the external screens can also be changed in the translation files, with this updated version.

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N-Pro Tournament
N-Pro Tournament 1.4.7

N-Pro Tournament 1.4.7 has been released.
You are able to show also the second line with manual data.
You are able to show the club as second line on the score board.
It is possible to split categories on more tatami and manually sellect the matches you want to handle.

N-Pro Tournament

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N-Pro Tournament
N-Pro Tournament 1.4.6

N-Pro Tournament 1.4.6 has been released.
New in this version:
- Internal language editor.
- It is now possible to exclude contendernames that have the status of NA, DQ or KK from the podium list. 
- Medal sorting on color.
- Updated podium editor.
- Reset the administrator.
- Shobu board according to the 2018 WUKF Rules

N-Pro Tournament 1.4.6

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N-Pro Tournament
N-Pro Tournament 1.4.5

N-Pro Tournament 1.4.5 has been added to the download area

It contains the following improvements:

- Manual data input for the scoreboards has been enhanced.
- The podium will be printed on the schematics form.
- Empty categories can be ignored in time management. 

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