N-Pro Tournament Karate



The software can be bought for only € 80,00 euro
You are allowed to use the software on as many computer and as long as you want if  they all belong to the same club/organisation. 

N-Pro Tournament Karate supports:

Multi languages (you can even create your own translation using the available template)
Scoreboard for kumite according to the 2023 WKF rules with automatic senshu settings.
Scoreboard for kata with 5 or 3 flag system.
Scoreboard for shobu kumite.
Scoreboard for kumite with generic layout.
Scoreboard for kata with point system.
The current and next contenders will be shown on the laptopscreen and on the extended scoreboard screen.
No complicated database, just install and run it.
Use your own club logo on forms, numbers, etc.
Create multiple tatami places with one network accesible map (it's that simple)
Draft schematics:
- Round robin schematics up to 5 contenders (each contender meets all other contenders)
- Single elimination up to 32 contenders
- Single elimination with single rematch up to 32 contenders (who loses from the finalists fights for the 3th place)
- Double eliminiation with double rematch up to 16 contenders (each contender competes at least two times)
Up to 999 contenders for each tournament part (more parts are possible)
Category management.
Contender management.
Draft schematics printing.
Automatic schematics/match loading.
Automatic match development.
Automatic contender placement (contenders from the same team will be placed as far away as possible from each other)
Automatic start number printing
Automatic matchcard printing
Automatic podium list
Automatic match statistics
Automatic podium display on the end of the match.
Automatic sound signals for warning and end of match.
Importing data from third party software (csv, sql tabels, etc..)
Import and export excel files.
Automatic export XML data for use with external aplications
Match registration,with many options for the match tables.
Use only the scoreboards without the match system.
Time management system with live time calculations
Category display on the external boards.
Automatic local backups (almost impossible to lose data)
Equal scores with round robin is supported for kumite.
Extended match control for easy correcting match results during the match.
Extended podium control.
Medal statistics
Quick timer correction
Enter your own grades.
Print professional time sheets


N-Pro Tournament Karate was succesfully used at the 17th,18th,19th and 20th Elhatri Open Championships.



 Schematics up to 32 contenders

Time management main screen.


Time Graphic Screen

Time management external screen

Time managent print out

Point Scoreboard system control screen

Point scoreboard system external screen

Selectable black scoreboard kumite

scoreboard kata

Point match setupscreen

Kumite Shobu Scoreboard control panel (WKA / WUKF).

Kumite Shobu Scoreboard (JKA / WUKF) External Board

Podium Editor